Mandate SY Safety Service

The Departmental Safety Officer supports the Department head and the members of the Department in fulfilling their obligations in matters of Safety (GSI-SO-1).

In particular, the service:

  • Analyses the Department's projects, equipment, workplaces and work procedures for compliance with Safety rules and regulations.
  • Proposes, and monitors the implementation of Safety rules and regulations in the Departments activities.
  • Oversees the establishment of Safety documentation for the Departments activities.
  • Analyses and follows up accidents and incidents by the Departments personnel or on its premises, with an aim to improve prevention of such incidents.
  • Coordinates the work of other Safety officers in the department, such as Territorial Safety Officers, specialised Safety Officers or Group Safety Link persons.
  • Liaises with Safety officers from other Departments and Large Experiments.

The CERN safety rules are available on the HSE website.

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